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Rosette Diceless

Consensus-based, story-focused, improvisational roleplaying · By Future Proof Games


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"Top of the World" campaign and example characters
Two fun things today: Episode 032 of the Future Proof Podcast includes discussion of Jim Ryan's " Top of the World " campaign, which used Rosette Diceless . Mel...
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Rosette Diceless Companion is Now Available, Plus New Digital Editions!
The Rosette Diceless Companion is now available! This supplement to our collaborative and consent-focused tabletop roleplaying game is available in print, PDF...
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Rosette Diceless Companion Arrives Sept 24
On September 24, 2021, our companion volume to Rosette Diceless will be available for purchase in print, PDF, and epub formats. Rosette Diceless is our collabor...
Rosette Diceless 1.0.1 Update
Since the original release of Rosette Diceless , we've fixed a few small issues with the text that should help rules be clearer during play. The files here have...
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Listen to Rosette Diceless on Tabletop Garden
Hey, folks! If you're interested in hearing Rosette Diceless being played, Gregory is currently running a campaign called " The Great Molasses Flood " on their...
Quick Reference Sheet Updated
Hey, everyone! As part of the upcoming errata pass and pending release of the Companion book , we've revised the quick reference sheet. There aren't any huge ch...
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Rosette Diceless Companion Cover
The Rosette Diceless supplemental book has a name! It's officially the Rosette Diceless Companion , and it has a cover (pictured above, still subject to tweaks)...
Future Proof Podcast 024
In this month's Future Proof Podcast episode, " Operational Shenanigans ", we chat a bit about the status of the supplemental material book for Rosette Diceless...
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We welcome any questions you have about how to use Rosette Diceless . Got questions about how to create a culture of con...
started by Future Proof Games Oct 27, 2020
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Hi again, So this is the flip side, I would like to see some example Adversaries for Fantasy and Science Fiction, especi...
started by evangineer Apr 16, 2022
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Would be great to see some example starting characters for Fantasy and Science Fiction settings.
started by evangineer Feb 02, 2022
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