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Rosette Diceless

Consensus-based, story-focused, improvisational roleplaying · By Future Proof Games


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Future Proof Podcast 022
If you want to hear more about the upcoming supplemental material book for Rosette Diceless , we talk about two of the new articles we're writing in this month'...
Future Proof Podcast 021
The latest episode of the Future Proof Podcast, " Black Lives Matter " includes some discussion on the supplemental book that we posted about here recently . Gr...
Supplemental Book In the Works
Welcome to everyone who has downloaded the game thanks to the enormous Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality , which we're proud to be a part of. If you haven...
New Future Proof Games Newsletter
You may have heard this through other means, but we're kicking off the new Future Proof Games Newsletter this week. It's a monthly newsletter covering the gamut...
Future Proof Games Community Survey
We're looking for some advice from you! If you answer some questions about our games and how we should communicate, we'll give you a free copy of " The Majest...
The Future Proof Podcast 005
This month, we talk about: " Still Waters Run Deep ", the Rosette Diceless one-shot (now two-shot) that Melissa ran on September 30; Some work Gregory is doing...
Added Quick Reference Sheet
We've added a quick reference PDF to help make Conflict go a bit smoother...
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Tracking Personal Development in Rosette Diceless
We've been writing a series of supplementary materials for Rosette Diceless that go into detail on some optional or situational play scenarios. Our most recen...