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This was such an awesome game to play! 

I'm unable to get this game to fill the entire monitor screen. I've tried both window and full size view. I've tried auto scaling, 2x scaling and 6x scaling. No matter what, it occupies a small box in the middle of my screen, which makes it too difficult to enjoy playing.

That sounds annoying! It's working for us, so it's probably something about how Ossuary handles something about your machine. Are you using Windows? Can you think of anything notable about your setup that might be related?

And just to make sure: you're quitting and restarting the whole game after changing the scaling setting?

I'm as baffled as you are. I use Windows 10 and can't think of anything remarkable about my setup. My computer's a few years old, but it runs most games just fine. You're correct: I've restarted the program after adjusting the scaling settings, but the size of the program window doesn't change at all. 

We might not be able to figure out a solution for this, sadly. Ossuary is made in Adobe AIR, which is an old and weird technology that makes diagnosing this sort of thing hard. My guess is that the game somehow incorrectly thinks that your monitor is smaller than it is, and is resizing/scaling itself smaller to fit. Are you using a high-DPI monitor, or doing something else interesting display-wise? If so, there may be compatibility settings that could help.

I can understand that playing the game in a little box isn't a good way to experience it, and I'm sorry if we're unable to come up with a fix. If you find it an acceptable workaround, you can use Windows's Magnifier utility to zoom in on the game, but obviously that's not ideal.


Thank you. This at least gives me some insight into what the problem may be along with some potential solutions. If I happen upon a fix, I'll let you know.

Sadly, it looks like I won't get to play Ossuary. I tried changing the compatibility to Windows 8, reduce the resolution of the application, and disable high-DPI scaling effects (among other things), but nothing worked. It's unfortunate because it's clearly a clever game: I like the writing, the world-building, the weirdness, the mystery. And I got interested in the first place because Extra Credits introduced me to The Majesty of Colors

On the off-chance you ever remaster the game, I'd love to play it.

any chance it'll be made available for mac soon?

We don't support Mac anymore, but you can still download the unsupported version. If the free demo here works for you, chances are that the full game will also work. For more info on our lack of Mac support, check out our blog post:


This game is amazing. The writing is impeccable and the puzzles are thought-provoking. This is the kind of game that makes you think and has you questioning life by the end of it. If I were to rate it 1 to 5, I would definitely give it a 5.

But we can't get the last obol inside the sealed room. It's the only puzzle we haven't been able to figure out. We've completed 6 of the endings but still can't figure out how to get it.

We're happy you enjoyed the game! It sounds like maybe you need to light the torches in the central room, which requires solving the floor puzzles. Some clues can be found on the far west and east of the map.