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i would play this game on repeat in my local library when i was a kid. thank you for preserving it.


I very much enjoyed this game ^^ 


So happy to see this game hasn't been lost to time. It's definitely a treat


The fact i instantly remembered this after playing it like 10 years ago says something.


Loved this game back in the day. Glad to see it had been remastered.


Oh, I remember this game! I played it a long time ago on some flash site or other (might have been armor games or something similar) and i really, really loved it. I'm so happy to see one of my favourite developers still around; your work really left a significant mark on me and I'm glad it's still accessible for others to get the same experiences I did.

Anyway I should do something productive with this comment, so: I highly recommend this game!! It's poignant and touching and just a really lovely little experience. I'm glad it's still around.

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This is a great game, I enjoyed the whole session and the multiple endings. I really feel like this creature on that strange World. It was very difficult for me to force myself to do bad stuff to find the extra endings :/


I played this waaaay back on Kongregate. Small but great.


I remember playing this back in the day in Kongregate, I was wondering have you read "The Outsider" by H.P.Lovecraft?


Designer here; I have! In fact, the initial idea for the game came from ideation for the TIGSource's Commonplace Book Competition. I don't think the original concept was actually directly inspired from an entry in Lovecraft's book, but it's very much in conversation with works like "The Outsider" and The Shadow Out of Time. Lovecraft is... A Problem, but "The Majesty of Colors" is definitely trying to explore some of the same feels as some of those stories examine.


Mini Review:
A lovely, poetic game about being a creature of the deep. It’s short, so I don’t want to spoil too much – if you’re in the mood for something that can be surprisingly touching, give it a go!


Thank you so much for the kind words!