Exploit: Zero Day job "Remote Terminal" released!

We just released a job for Exploit's sequel, Exploit: Zero Day, that explores some familiar territory from the first game. The sixth job in Headless Swarm, "Remote Terminal", is now live! This job will take you to the Charlotte airport, where the amoral Onyx Horde is blocking the airspace with hijacked civilian drones.

Check out your Jobs page to begin your work.

If you haven't kept up with EZD, Headless Swarm is the first season of paid story, following up on the free season, Black Echoes. This one explores the blurring of cyberspace and meatspace that occurs when consumer drones become prevalent. For players not yet caught up on Headless Swarm, this job actually happens in parallel with the last one we released, "burn burn burn". You should receive the initial message after completing "Internet All the Things".

If you'd like to begin this season of story, you can buy it in the EZD store. If you want to try out the new game without spending any money at all, sign up at the Exploit: Zero Day site.

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